July 4, 2014 (Smosh)
July 6, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Anime Executive, Translator

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ANIME VOICE SWAP is a Smosh video, uploaded on July 4, 2014.


Ian and Anthony take too many voice-enhancing pills and end up with real-life ANIME VOICES!!!


In the house, Anthony tries to read the prescription of the voice-changing pills, but Ian takes the pills and swallows almost every pill in there except for two. Ian thinks that one of them is going to have a cooler voice than the other for the audition while Anthony swallows the other two.

At Fanimétion, Ian and Anthony bow to the executive (Mari Takahashi) who only speaks Japanese. The translator (Jason Michael Fong) tells them that the executive has been searching long and hard for a voice actor for the hero, Baffu Hansamu, for the new anime and asks them for their names. When Ian introduced himself, his voice became really girly and Ian started running away from the studio. The executive laughs and becomes amazed about the voice. When Anthony introduced himself, his voice became really manly as Anthony started complementing it and excused himself.

Ian tries to hide from the others thinking that his life is ruined because of his dream being "gone". Anthony eventually finds Ian and doesn't feel that Ian's sad. Ian tells him that he feels his heart wanting to shrivel up and fall out of his anus making him want to die. After seconds of crying noises, Anthony finally gets it and tells Ian to shut up.

Back in the auditioning room, the executive feels glad about having the boys back and decides to have Ian and Anthony say the lines of other animes.

The first scene they had to reenact was Kira's laugh from Death Note, the executive was easily more pleased with Anthony's manly laugh. The other scene reenacted for the executive is the scene of the death of Eren Jaeger/Yeager's mother from Attack on Titan, the executive writes down notes which the translator translated. The executive didn't want his actions translated, but the translator translated those words. The executive also didn't want him to translate on what he only directly says to him and hits the translator with his notebook, but he still translated that. The translator thought the translator was really dumb and decided to him up to the pulp.

The executive now want them to read the lines for the new anime, Attack on Sailor Death Ball Z Bebop Alchemist High School. Ian noticed they took the names of other popular animes and sticked them into one title. While Ian and Anthony did their lines, they sounded like they were in their opposite roles. The executive even thought that was the worst reading he ever heard and wanted the duo out of his dojo. Ian goes off running while Anthony thinks that he failed his family. The executive thought it was a shame that even though Anthony's voice was sexy, it didn't help him with his acting. Ian with a different voice thought it was good that it was finally over since he has been holding a fart in for the whole time. Anthony decided to turn things around by keeping the role while having the executive to "attack his Death Ball Z's". The executive thought his sexy voice level was over nine thousand.

In the house, Ian and Anthony start watching the anime they've "voice acted" in. In the anime, the hero tells Woozaz to kill some mechadragons. Anthony realized that none of their voices were for the hero. Instead, Ian voice acted for Wuzaz while Anthony voice acted for the squirrel which both of those characters died from a mechadragon. Ian noticed how short the anime was while Anthony noticed that he was a squirrel for only two seconds. Ian thought it was awesome, which Anthony also agreed. After laughing for a couple of seconds, Anthony got annoyed by Ian's constant laughing and wanted him to shut the f**k up.


Anime Voice Swap/Script


  • The anime scenes Anthony and Ian rehearsed from are:
    • Death Note
    • Attack on Titan
  • The directors' new anime, Attack on Sailor Death Ball Z Bebop Alchemist High School, parodies the titles of:
  • Coincidentally, a reboot series of Sailor Moon premiered after the video's upload date.
  • The director's company, Fanimétion, is a parody of Funimation. However, it is a take on the phonetic pronunciation of "Funinmation" in a Japanese accent.
  • The director's thoughts about Anthony's "sexy voice" level was Over 9000, which is a famous meme from Dragon Ball Z. This meme has been referenced in previous videos.
  • This video was uploaded on 4th of July.
  • The director said about Over 9000 in Japanese is kyusen ijou (九千以上). But in Dragon Ball Z anime (Japanese version), that line didn't said Over 9000. Instead, it's Over 8000 (Hassen ijou da!, 八千以上だ!), said by Vegeta.
  • The Japanese text in the video's thumbnail is 「私の睾丸!」(Watashi no kōgan!), which literally translates as "My Balls!"

Shut Up! Opening

(anime voice) I sound like a fourteen-year-old, but my boobs are huge! Hahaha! SHUT UP!


Ian Hecox as himself
Anthony Padilla as himself
Mari Takahashi as executive animator
Jason Michael Fong as translator
Brittni Barger as Ian's animè voice
Ryan O'Donald as Anthony's animè voice


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