8 Player Super Smash Bros is the 113th installment in the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on November 21, 2014 on both and the Smosh Games YouTube channel.


The Smosh Games crew play Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. There will be four rounds of fours players each and then all eight players will compete in a final round. Before they began, they decided that whoever they choose at first remains their choice throughout the tournament.


The four players with the highest scores will shove mashed potatoes in the four losers' faces.

Characters played

  • Anthony: Ganondorf
  • Flitz: Luigi
  • Ian: Zero Suit Samus
  • Joven: Ludwig
  • Lasercorn: Kirby
  • Mari: Yoshi
  • Sohinki: Duck Hunt
  • Wes: Captain Falcon


Round 1

  1. Joven - 4 points
  2. Anthony - 3 points
  3. Flitz - 2 points
  4. Mari -1 point

Round 2

  1. Wes - 4 points
  2. Lasercorn and Sohinki (Tied) - 3 points
  3. Ian - 1 point

Round 3

  1. Lasercorn - 4 points
  2. Mari - 3 points
  3. Flitz - 2 points
  4. Ian - 1 point

Round 4

  1. Wes - 4 points
  2. Sohinki - 3 points
  3. Joven - 2 points
  4. Anthony- 1 point

Round 5

  1. Lasercorn - 8 points
  2. Wes - 7 points
  3. Sohinki - 6 points
  4. Joven - 5 points
  5. Ian - 4 points
  6. Anthony - 3 points
  7. Mari - 2 points
  8. Flitz - 1 point


  • =1st place: Lasercorn - 15 points
  • =1st place: Wes - 15 points
  • 3rd place: Sohinki - 12 points
  • 4th place: Joven - 11 points
  • 5th place: Anthony - 7 points
  • =6th place: Ian - 6 points
  • =6th place: Mari - 6 points
  • Last place: Flitz - 5 points


  • This is the first Game Bang episode with all of the Smosh Games members.
  • Due to an editing oversight, Lasercorn's final score wasn't shown on the screen. An annotation later revealed his final score.
  • Wes survived until 261% before being killed by Lasercorn at 263% in the final round, making Wes to set the record for highest damage in one life.
  • This episode was uploaded the same day the game was released.
  • Food Battle 2014 was also uploaded on the same day
  • When Lasercorn dodged the Blue Shell before Joven approached him, the others thought that he hit himself with his own weapon, though Joven said that would be impossible to do.
    • Joven is actually correct, as anyone who has played the game would know that the Blue Shell will damage anyone who gets hit by the explosion, except its user.
    • In actuality, the Blue Shell was blocked by Joven's Clown Car, which was separated from him (thus becoming its own individual entity, which in turn made it capable of being hit by the Blue Shell), blocking its path towards Lasercorn.
  • The reason as to why Wes was not knocked back by the Home-Run Bat that Lasercorn threw at him is because Wes was wearing a Franklin Badge, which reflect projectiles while worn.
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