7 Uses of a $10,000.00 check
March 22, 2010
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Ian, Anthony, Giant Check
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7 Uses of a $10,000.00 check is a Smosh video released March 22, 2010. It shows how Smosh won $10,000 through the Healthymagination YouTube Physical Challenge.


Smosh wins the Healthymagination YouTube Physical Challenge and get a giant (physically) $10,000 from GE and HowCast. Ian and Anthony aren't sure what to do with it so they try a few things

Uses for a Giant Check:

  • A replacement for a kite - Failure
  • Something to hide behind while playing hide 'n go seek - Failure
  • Wings - Failure
  • A stunt double - Failure
  • A companion when you're stranded on an island - Failure
  • Something invisible - Failure

After all the uses end up failing they use it as a donation to the Millennium Promise charity to help end extreme poverty. They high five each other.