7yr Old Does Twilight
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May 11, 2012 (Smosh)
May 13, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony Padilla, Sadie Padilla, Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Bella's family, doctor, Bella's baby, people at the wedding

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7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT! is a Smosh video uploaded on May 11, 2012.


Anthony asks his cousin Sadie to explain what the Twilight Saga is about after watching all the trailers.

Sadie's Interpretation: "So, a girl was walking from school, and a bad guy is mad at her. And then a car tries to hit her! But the bad guy is actually Superman without his cape, and he stops the car with his hand!"

Smosh's Reenactment: Bella (played by Ian) is minding her own business while Edward (played by Anthony) watches her with an angry expression on his face. Then, a truck skids toward her, and Edward stops the truck with his hand, saying, "I just saved your life." Bella responds with, "You're like, totally Superman without a cape!".

Sadie's Interpretation: "Then we see that he's part monkey, and they climb trees."

Smosh's Reenactment: Edward is carrying Bella on his back through a forest, saying, "You're fat." They end up in a tree, and Edward says that his dad was a monkey. When Bella gives a look of disgust, he says, "Yeah, my mom did it with a monkey! So what?". Then he pulls out a banana and takes a bite of it.

Sadie's Interpretation: "Then they have a spelling test or something, and he quizzes her on words."

Smosh's Reenactment: Edward tries to get Bella to say "vampire" by giving her hints, but after deep thought, she ends up saying "umpire." Edward says, "Close enough."

Sadie's Interpretation: "Bella has a birthday party, but only Superman and his weird family are there. Then the weird staring guy gets mad and attacks her! But Superman jumps in and uses the Force to push him away."

Smosh's Reenactment: Bella is at Edward's house, surrounded by his family. She says, "Your family's really weird looking." She opens her present, and it turns out to be a skip-it. She says, "You guys got me a f***in' skip-it? What is this, 1996?!", meaning that she doesn't like it, and then Jesper shouts, "I SPENT MY WHOLE ALLOWANCE ON THAT!". He attacks Bella, but then Edward uses the Force to stop him. Bella shows him the middle finger over Edward's shoulder.

Sadie's Interpretation: "Superman feels bad and leaves so he can get her a better gift or something. Then there's this guy named Jacob. He doesn't like wearing shirts and sounds like he has a cold. He says he loves the girl too. Superman comes back and tells the girl that he loves her too!"

Smosh's Reenactment: Edward is caressing Bella's cheek, saying, "Don't worry Bella, I'll get you something better." He turns to leave, but Bella adds, "Good. And it better not be a bop-it." Edward then curses under his breath. Jacob appears out of nowhere and runs over to Bella, saying, "Bella! I love you, Bella, more than Superman." Edward comes back and tells Bella, "I love you more!". Edward and Jacob then fight over her.

Sadie's Interpretation: "The next day, Jacob gets a letter from the mailman. He gets really mad and takes off his shirt again."

Smosh's Reenactment: Jacob opens an envelope labeled 'LETTER' and says, "Not a letter!" He throws it on the ground and takes off his shirt. Then he runs away.

Sadie's Interpretation: "Then Superman and the girl get married."

Smosh's Reenactment: Edward and Bella are standing at the altar, saying their vows. Jacob is at the wedding, crying in the corner.

Sadie's Interpretation: "So after that, Superman and Bella hug on a bed. In the morning, the girl wakes up with a tummy ache."

Smosh's Reenactment: Edward and Bella are literally hugging on a bed, making moaning noises, and Bella tells Edward to "hug her harder." Edward replies, "I'm hugging you SO hard right now." Jacob is on the bed, too, crying about how he's a werewolf. The next morning, Bella looks in the mirror to see her enlarged stomach, and then says, "Owie!".

Sadie's Interpretation: "And then she gets really fat because there's a monster inside her belly."

Smosh's Reenactment: Bella asks Edward if she looks fat, and Edward lies and says no, that she looks great, while laughing behind his back and calling her a "fatass."

Sadie's Interpretation: "They call the monster a fetus or something."

Smosh's Reenactment: The doctor walks in, saying he has bad news. "I hate so say this, but you have a FETUS inside of you!" Edward takes off his sunglasses, saying, "Mother of God."

Anthony asks Sadie on how she thinks the Twilight Saga ends. Sadie answers, "The monster pops out of her belly and everyone lives happily ever after, the end."

However, the monster breaks through Bella's skin, making her, Edward, and the doctor scream.



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Trivia / Goofs

  • During the disclaimer, if one looks closely, there is a note saying that the trailer for Breaking Dawn wasn't released before the recording of this episode
  • At several points during Sadie's explanation, Anthony is seen trying not to laugh, but when Sadie explains her version of Bella's pregnancy, he does.
  • The screaming of the guy in the car is a reused scream noise from the opening credits of Aaaahhh!!! Real Monsters.
  • According to the description, Sadie is Anthony's cousin.
  • When Ian is playing Bella, her breasts look real.
  • In the party scene, some viewers confused the creepy-looking guy with Toby Turner (A.K.A. Tobuscus), a famous YouTuber, who now has the role of Neville on the Annoying Orange TV show.
  • It was probably extremely awkward for Anthony and Ian to "hug on a bed" (maybe "having sex" in Sadie's Interpretation).
  • In the scene where Jacob is reading the letter, he is in Anthony's room.
    • When Jacob leaves the scene, the WALL-E holding the scissors is on the shelf from "REAL VOODOO DOLL!".
  • When Anthony takes off his sunglasses and says, "Mother of God," he is referencing the "Mother of God" meme.
  • The fetus that pops out from Bella is an indescribable modified version of Robbie the Magical Tapeworm. It is the Robbie puppet recycled because his tail can be seen in the bloopers when performing the fetus scene.
  • The monster in the fetus scene looks like the Chestbuster from Alien (1979).
  • When Anthony takes a bite out of the banana in the tree scene, the banana crunches (as if eating an apple). This also happens again in "I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!".



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