5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!
5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!
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July 13, 2012 (Smosh)
July 15, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Smosh crew

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5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 13, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: As a celebration of hitting 5,000,000 subscribers, Ian and Anthony show us what goes on behind the scenes in the making of Smosh videos.



Ian and Anthony are standing in a room, talking about how they finally reached 5,000,000 subscribers on their main Smosh channel. In appreciation of all the people who have supported them through all these years, they made a video showing what goes on behind the scenes of a Smosh video.

The Smosh Set

lan and Anthony say that they loved the look of a boring Northern California house, so they recreated one on a soundstage in Hollywood. They also wanted the same look of a low class neighborhood, so they were able to green screen all their outside performances and use computer technology to put theirselves in that exact neighborhood. (lan and Anthony walk in front of a green screen digitally edited to look like their house, and Ian says, "It's so hot in Northern California!")


Anthony starts off by saying, "Technology is key to staying ahead of the game." Ian continues, "We used to use this dated technology called 'boom microphones,' but it wasted so much time because it kept getting in the shot." Anthony says that they found a perfect way to hide a microphone on their bodies, but they took it one step further and hid it in their bodies. He then unbuttons his shirt to reveal a nipple-shaped microphone, and says that they had microphones created in the shape of a third nipple, and they blend in perfectly with his other two nipples. Ian says that the nipple microphones give them a lot of flexibility with their audio, cause they were able to hide the microphones all around the studio. And it's crazy because it's like they're not even there.


Anthony says that they owe most of their success to identifying really high quality products and then rebranding them with the Smosh name, turning it into something really special. Ian goes on to say that all of their merchandise is created in their garage. lan takes the interview into their garage and says that they don't believe outsourcing their labor to places like China or India, not when they have strong, hardworking Americans, like Henry (a little kid). Henry comes up to Ian and asks for more bread to eat, but lan responds not to push it. He pushes Henry away, eats his bread, and smiles at the camera.

Research and Development

Anthony tells the viewer that most of their funds go to their research and development lab. "They study trends on Youtube, play with out-rythyms, and that kind of boring stuff." A man then walks up to Anthony and tells him that their automatic subscribe server broke down an hour ago, and they're losing subscribers as they're generating fake ones. Anthony turns back to the camera and says that the guy's a comedian. He then changes the subject by saying, "Let's go on to the next scene." The man from the subscribing server is then shot and killed.

The Crew (Deleted Scene)

Ian says that without their film crew, they wouldn't be able to get anything done. Since they film a Youtube show, and their budget is up tight, they hire illegal immigrants for cheaper labor. A few examples are a Swahili sound guy, a French director, and a Hispanic makeup artist.


lan and Anthony are seen again saying that's everything that goes on behind the scenes, and they put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making each episode every week so they hope you can enjoy it. lan says, "Thanks for subscribing, guys." A spanish voice says, "I think that was a good take," and the camera turns to the real Ian and Anthony, who are sitting in chairs, getting their nails done. Anthony says, "What do you mean that was a good take?" Ian agrees, saying, "Yeah, Jose totally got my voice wrong." The replacements, Ian and Anthony's previous voice actors for the El Smosh channel, say that they're sorry and it's very hot under the masks. lan yells at one replacement that he's interuppting his manicure for, and Anthony pulls out a gun and says that they're fired. He then shoots them both. lan tells the director to bring in the next lan and Anthony replacements, and says that he's not going to film the video himself. Anthony says that they shouldn't even bother putting the final video on YouTube. He then yells at the lady giving him a pedicure that she has the wrong shade of pink polish, it was supposed to be violet, and lan asks if she's stupid. He then turns to the guy giving him a manicure and tells him that he's doing a good job.


5,000,000 Subscribers!/Script



  • The Ian and Anthony replacements are seen wearing the Shut Up! Cartoons T-shirt and the Awesome Shirt from STUCK IN A TOILET!.
  • On the title screen of the Merchandise segment, it says below: "Your parents don't love you unless they've bought you at least 10 items from
    • In the same scene, some of the merchandise being made include wristbands, the Smosh Lunchbox, The Legend of Smosh t-shirt, and others.
  • In the Research and Development scene, the whiteboard behind Anthony has real Smosh video titles, like POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2! and The Legend of Zelda Rap.
    • In the same scene, the man from the Subscribing Server is shot and his scream was a Wilhelm Scream (a stock audio scream sound)
  • The first lan and Anthony replacements seen in near the end are "Antonio" and "Juan", who were the first voice dubbers for the El Smosh channel.
  • Anthony complains to the girl that his polish was the wrong shade of pink, and he wanted violet, but Violet is Purple (The correct name for it).
  • In this episode, we get a good view of the outside of the Smosh house, revealing that they took the address number down for security reasons.
  • In the crew scene, the sound director is seen carrying the boom microphone, even though in the Technology scene, they say they replaced it with nipple microphones.
  • They said, "It`s so hot in northern California!", which is where Sacramento, the capital of California is located, which is where Ian and Anthony live, however, northern California is extremely cold, since it is located by the bay.
  • The actor for Teleporting Fat Guy, "played Ian" in the video.

Shut Up! Opening

"I can count to five million. One, two -- SHUT UP!"

Subscription Closing

"Thanks for subscribing! But seriously though, thank you! I love you. Nomnomnomno-Oh my god, what did I just lick?"



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