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April 8, 2011

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla

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3D is Awesome! is a Smosh video uploaded on April 8, 2011.



Ian and Anthony are watching The Notebook in 3D, when Ian comments that he never thought that he'd like the movie so much. Anthony says that everything is better in 3D. Ian then wishes that everything in life was in 3D and Anthony agrees, giving an example.

Hitting a Pinata

Normal: Ian is hitting a pinata without much force in his swings with a bored look on his face.

In 3D: Ian (wearing 3D glasses) bashes the pinata open, causing candy to fly out onto his butt.

Anthony comments how gay that looked and asks about how lighting a candle for a romantic dinner would look in 3D.

Lighting a Candle

Normal: Anthony casually lights a candle, sighing in boredom.

In 3D: Anthony (wearing 3D glasses) lights a candle. He ends up lighting his face on fire screaming, "AAAAHHHH! MY F***ING FACE IS MELTING!"

Anthony retracts his statement and says that it'll suck. Ian asks about playing Grand Theft Auto IV.

Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

Normal: Ian is playing the game, complaining, "Killing hookers is so lame!"

In 3D: A robber (Anthony) comes out of the television and shouts, "Give me all your money!" Ian gives him his money and gets punched in the face. Ian gets a bloody nose and says, "Awesome!"

Anthony thinks that it'd be all right, but then asks about watching Ian's mom get her feet massaged. Ian looks at Anthony awkwardly, causing Anthony to ask about using the bathroom.

Going to the Potty

Normal: Ian and Anthony are peeing in urinals, and Anthony comments, "This is so boring."

In 3D: Ian and Anthony scream "OH MY GOD!" while wearing 3D glasses. Ian shouts," IT'S GONNA POKE MY EYE OUT!"

Ian then asks about sleeping.


Normal: Ian is sleeping in his bed, holding a Domo plushie.

In 3D: The exact same scene, only Ian is wearing 3D glasses.

Anthony points out that it was the exact same thing. Ian starts to say that if you looked closely, you can clearly tell that he had morning wood, but gets interrupted when he notices that a random hot girl in a bikini is in their house. The girl says that she's there for the thumbnail picture so that they can "actually get some views." Anthony then asks about watching someone watch a 3D movie.

Watching Someone Watch a 3-D Movie

Normal: Anthony is watching Ian watch a 3D movie. Ian says, "Almost hit me in the face."

In 3D: Anthony touches Ian's face, shouting, "OH MY GOD IT'S SO REALISTIC!"

Ian says that it doesn't even make sense. Anthony asks, "What, you're telling me you never fantasized about watching another man watch a movie in 3D?" Ian replies, "True," before asking about reading a comic book.

Reading a Comic Book

Normal: Ian is reading "McCain: The Comic Book," and looking bored.

In 3D: Ian is reading a pop-up book, surprised that things are popping out of the book, screaming, "WHAT THE F*** IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!?!!!??" He calls 911 and explains the situation, thinking he's drugged. He then tells the 911 operator to "bring amberlamps."

Anthony asks if Ian said "amberlamps" and when it is confirmed, asks if he meant to say "ambulance." Ian asks, "Why are you axing me these questions?" Anthony rolls his eyes and then asks about drawing a picture.

Drawing a Picture

Normal: Ian is drawing poop, saying his drawing "looks like s***" before slamming his head onto the table.

In 3D: Ian is drawing an actual pile of poop, saying that his drawing "still looks like s***" before he slams his head onto the table. He lifts his head up and screams when he realizes that he has poop all over his face.

Deleted Scenes

Pouring Milk into Cereal

Normal: Anthony is casually pouring milk into his cereal, with a bored look on his face.

In 3D: Anthony starts to dump the entire bottle of milk into the cereal, with milk splashing everywhere.


Normal: Anthony starts to casually sleepwalk off the bed and out of the room.

In 3D: Anthony appears to be doing nothing for a few seconds, until Ian suddenly pops in and screams.


Ian then realizes that not everything is better in 3D. Anthony asks about forgetting to move your hand when your friend sits down on the couch next to you. Ian says that it's sounds dumb and dismisses the comment, with Anthony sitting on Ian's hand.

In 3D however, Anthony is sitting on the hot girl's hand. Both of them smile as Anthony wears 3D glasses.


3D is AWESOME!/Script


  • For the whole episode, they go on about how the real world would be better in 3D. However, the real world is technically 3D.
  • Smosh That's what she Said
    "That's What She Said?" is seen after Ian says, "Almost hit me in the face," if you look really closely, "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID," can be seen on the lower right corner.
  • The hot girl saying that they'll get views by putting her in the thumbnail is true. The videos that do have some sexual content in the thumbnail get more views than their other videos that aren't Food Battles or music videos. The most known examples of this are Beef 'n Go (thumbnail had a censored picture of Britney Spears' crotch), Twilight New Moon Deleted Scenes Part 3 (thumbnail has Ian as Bella wearing a bra), and HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES! (thumbnail has Ian as Hermione wearing a bra). Oddly enough, those three videos are Smosh's top three most viewed.
  • The word "Amberlamps" is used in HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER.
  • The Domo plushie was seen again in the video: I KILLED THE TOOTH FAIRY!.
  • In the "Lighting a Candle" scene, the candle is actually on fire at the last second.
  • When Anthony says "playing Grand Theft Auto IV", he doesn't pronounce "IV" as "four". He pronounces it as "ivv".
  • It's possible that Anthony has foot fetish, because of his suggest "Watching Ian's mom getting feet massage."

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"3D Movies make my eyes hurt! [crying] SHUT UP!"



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