2 Guys 1 Bathroom
2 Guys 1 Bathroom


September 3, 2010 (Smosh)
May 9, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, weird guy

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2 GUYS 1 BATHROOM is a Smosh video uploaded on September 3, 2010.


Things get pretty awkward when Ian and Anthony are forced to pee in urinals next to each other.


Ian and Anthony bump into each other as they head for the bathroom. Both of them need to pee, so Ian lets Anthony go into the bathroom first. A few seconds later, Ian goes into the bathroom too.

When Ian gets inside the bathroom, Anthony has taken the middle urinal, with the one to his left broken. Ian then argues with himself (in his own thoughts) about whether to use the urinal to the right of Anthony or the stall. Ian says that he can never pee when Anthony's next to him and decides to use the stall. But then he remembers that Anthony knows that Ian's going pee and will think that Ian is insecure and has a "small tallywhacker" if Ian uses the stall. After questioning why he said "tallywhacker," Ian decides to man up and chose the urinal.

When Anthony sees Ian using the urinal next to him, Anthony starts to say in his thoughts that he can't pee when someone's next to him. After questioning why a bleep noise was in his thoughts, Ian's thoughts begin to sound panicky. Ian opens his eyes since his thoughts tell him that it made him look like he's trying to "drop a deuce." Ian decides to lighten the situation by telling a joke about Tony Hawk's brother Mike. Anthony asks what the smell was, but Ian answers, "Mike Hawk." Then there was awkward silence of them talking in their thoughts.

The only thing that makes it even more awkward is that a weird guy with a moustache starts waiting on them. The guy grows impatient before he decides to use the stall, but not before shouting, "And I don't have a small tallywhacker!" Anthony is relieved that he's almost done, but grows frustrated when Ian asks, "Why are urinals white?" Anthony complains that he's been standing for so long, that now he has to take a crap. Ian thought that it was weird that he has to take a crap, too. The boys then pull down their pants and start to take a crap on the urinal.

Extra Video

Ian wanted to know what Anthony was singing about and thought it was the guy in the stall; but later on Ian heard Anthony about him in a insulting way, so Ian wanted revenge on Anthony.

When Ian went to the other urinal , Anthony was worried if Ian heard the song and Ian was farting as a way for revenge. Ian tried to juice out one more fart, but it was even more juicer than he wanted it to be. Anthony thought Ian pooped in his pants.

When the weird guy came, he wanted either one of the guys to finish, but he smelled Ian's fart and got out of the bathroom. Later, Ian and Anthony decided to sit on the urinals to feel what their butts feel like in the porcelain.


  • Even though Ian uses the urinals in this video, Ian uses the stall while peeing sitting down in "MY BATHROOM SECRET," which is another bathroom-related video. It is possible in this video that Ian just decided to not pee while sitting down for a while, or the Ian in "MY BATHROOM SECRET" is based off of someone else (since that video said that names have been changed to protect a person's identity).
  • The "Mike Hawk" joke was also used in Shane Dawson's "Haunted House Party" Interactive game.
  • This episodes name is a reference to the video 2 GIRLS 1 CUP.
  • There is an alternate version of this video on COMPLETELY different than this one.
  • The creepy guy who goes in the stall after yelling in frustration at lan and Anthony previously appeared in The Famous Cheese Guy.

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"Thanks for subscribing, you little tallywhackers! Tha-- that's supposed to be a compliment, by the way."

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"*Toilet flush* SHUT UP!"



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