(We STILL don't have a Vine account. But if we did, here's what you'd see.)

Clip 1

main narrator: (shows the Vine logo) Vine!

(Anthony pulls Ian's pants down revealing another pair underneath. He tries again but only succeeds in having another guy pulling his own pants down)

Anthony: What the f*ck?!

Clip 2

main narrator: (shows the Vine logo) Vine!

(Ian screams as he threw a cream pie at Anthony. Anthony shot a portal behind Ian and Himself. The Cream pie flew back at Ian's back)

Ian: AUGH...

Anthony: You just got cream pie'd, bitch!

Clip 3

main narrator: (shows the Vine logo) Vine!

Ian: Hey guys, so today we're...

(Ian and Anthony scream as gravity is tilted. Ian and the van behind them roll away. Anthony hangs on to the pavment)

Anthony: IAN, SAVE ME!

Clip 4: Vine

main narrator: (shows a picture of a vine) Vine!

What it feels like when you meet the girl of your dreams

(A man and a woman talk and enter a topless make out session)

Ian: Sexy time...

What it's actually like

(Anthony and a pretty girl sit on a bed together)

Anthony: Uhh.. I like your boobs!

(Anthony runs)

Clip 5: Dine

Narrator: (shows a man and a woman at a dinner table dining) Dine!

(TV shows a man using two vacuum cleaner on the sofa and the ground. The bottom left corner writes "You are now watching: Vacuuming for 45 minutes")

Anthony: Man, this show sucks!

(Anthony turns around and thumbs up, while a vacuum cleaner appeared and sucked Anthony)

(Audience laughs)

Clip 6: Mine

main narrator: (shows a grass block from Minecraft) Mine!

In one scene

(a mother carries her baby while also playing with him as he laughs)

In another scene

(a mother strains herself while carrying her adult son)

guy #1: Wheeeeeeee!

Clip 7: Spine

main narrator: (shows a skeleton with the spine colored in) Spine!

Anthony: After a long, hard day, it's good to finally be home and sit in my favorite chair!

(Anthony sits on what he thinks is his chair... but is actually Ian)

Ian: Hi.

Anthony: (Screams)

Clip 8: Shine

main narrator: (shows a Shine Sprite) Shine!

(a blue whale swims in the ocean and makes noise when a moment later, its face is replaced with June Thompson's)

Clip 9: Design

main narrator: (shows a design) Design!

What it feels like when your favorite song comes on

(a group of people party to the music while the singers sing in a foreign language)

What it's actually like

(Ian dances with a blow up doll crazily)

Anthony: Can you shut up? (throws a ball at Ian)

(Ian collapses on the couch.)

Clip 10: Prime

main narrator: (shows a chart of prime numbers) Prime!

Anthony: Black people be like...

black guy: Maaan, (takes off his headset) I hate Nickelback!

Clip 11: Climb

Narrator: (shows a man climbing a mountain) Climb!

Anthony: White people be like...

Ian: Maaan, (throws his headset) I hate Nickelback!

Clip 12: Blind

main narrator: (shows a pitch black screen) Blind!

Ylvis: (sings) What does the fox say?

(the video shows various scenes from Star Fox TV Show!

Fox: Ha! Shoot. Fire! Mission complete! Ha! Come on! LANDMASTER!

Clip 13: Mime

Narrator: (shows a picture of a mime) Mime!

(Two guys walks past a woman, the two guys talk at once randomly)
guy (Ian): I was like, "don't tell me how to make a cake"...

(The two guys turns back, they talked at once)
guy (Ian): Wow damn girl!
guy (Anthony): Mmmmm!

woman: I'm per-rag-ga-nent!

both guys: (Disgusted) EWWWW! (runs away)

woman: (with subtitle) Just kidding, I'm just really fat!

Clip 14: Swine Flew

main narrator: (shows a pig with wings) Swine...Flew!

ratchet character (in the television): Oh you think you're so pushy because your... (keeps talking)

Anthony: Damn, this girl is ratchet! (turns his head to the side, gives a thumbs up, and gets smacked by a ratchet)

(the audience laugh)

Clip 15: Rind

Narrator: (shows an orange's peeled skin) Rind!

old guy: Does anyone know CPR?

guy #7: I do!

old guy: Ha, f***ing nerd!

(Three guys laughs at guy #7 as he feels embarrassed)

Clip 16: Feline

main narrator: (shows a cat) Feline!

Anthony: After a long hard day of eating crappy Mexican food, it's good to finally be home and sit on my favorite toilet!

(Anthony sits on what he thinks is his toilet...but is actually Ian)


Clip 17: Incline

Main narrator: (shows a woman on a treadmill) Incline!

Billy: (wears a blindfold while carrying paper in a shape of a tail) I love pin the tail on the donkey! (walks towards the street)

Mr. Hamburger: (films Billy and points at the street) Yep, almost there son. (chuckles)

(Billy gets hit by a van)

Mr. Hamburger: (gives a thumbs up) That's gonna make a great Vine.

Clip 18: Trine

main narrator: (shows the box art of the game Trine) Trine! We're not sponsored. We're just seriously running out of words that rhyme with "vine".

In one scene

(two babies play along on a bed)

In another scene

(Ian and Anthony act like babies while playing on a bed)

Clip 19: Grimer

main narrator: (shows a close-up Grimer) Grime...(zooms out)er!

(Song plays as Ian and Anthony is moving a TV)

Anthony: Here comes the drop!

(Anthony drops the TV and starts dancing. Ian seems confused)

Clip 20 (Deleted): Vine

main narrator: (shows the Vine Logo) Vine!

Ian: (sneaks up behind Anthony) Heh-heh! (places a cream pie on top of Anthony and runs away) Ha ha ha ha! (continues laughing until he runs towards a giant cream pie held by Anthony)

Anthony: Ha ha!

Clip 21 (Deleted): Vine

main narrator: (shows the Vine Logo) Vine!

baby #4: (walks while having a middle-aged man voice) I'm a baby, I'm a baby, I'm a baby. (sits on grass) Aw my ass!

Clip 22 (Deleted): Vine

main narrator: (shows the Vine Logo) Vine!

Ian: (dubbed by an off-key voice actor) I love Dixon Cider and I will
'Til the day that I die.


Ian: (laughs) Oh my God, these vines are hilarious! (eats rice while laughing and starts choking)

Anthony: Oh my God! Oh my god, does anyone know CPR?!

Guy #7: (bursts into the room) I do!

(Ian and Anthony laugh at the guy while he leaves)

Ian: Bye, nerd! But I still really need CPR, though. (dies)

Anthony: Well, this sucks.

(Multiple vacuum cleaners latch on to Anthony's face as the audience cheers)

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