15 Hour Energy


June 15, 2012 (Smosh)
June 17, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Jim, Adrian Hecox-Hendrix, Tony Bone, a mother, her daughter, Stephen Hawking, a gamer, narrator, Jim's boss

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15 HOUR ENERGY! is a Smosh video uploaded on June 15, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Adrian and Tony Bone show you the benefits of using 15 HOUR ENERGY, an energy drink proven to keep you awake and energized for a full 15 hours! The drink is now being manufactured by Versos™ Manufacturing and can be purchased at this link



A tired business man named Jim (Ian) is dozing off at his keyboard when announcer asks, "Are you suffering from a lack of energy?" Jim starts to respond, but the announcer interrupts him, saying, "Have you tried 6 hour energy?" Again, the business man begins to answer, but the announcer asks, "6 hours of energy isn't enough?" Finally, Jim says, "Okay, can you stop cutting me off?" but the announcer shouts, "Then you need 15 Hour Energy!" Jim asks, "Well is it safe?" Suddenly, a hand pops up with a bottle of 15 Hour Energy and forces the man to drink it, and then punches him in the face. Jim exclaims, "Holy balls, this is awesome!" and then goes into a hyperactive state. It then cuts to Adrian and Tony Bone working out, saying that 15 Hour Energy gives you 15 hours of constant pulse-pounding, earth-shattering, penis-crushing energy. It goes back to Jim, after 7 hours have elapsed. He is stamping, typing, and talking at an extremely fast pace. The announcer says, "But 15 Hour Energy isn't just for corporate slaves like that loser. How do you use 15 Hour Energy?"

Mother Testimonial

A mother takes a skull on a tray out of the oven while she talks about how her daughter used to sneak out at night while she was sleeping. "But thanks to 15 hour energy, I never sleep." It then cuts to her with her daughter, stroking her hair while she sleeps, saying, "Thanks 15 Hour Energy! ("15 HOUR PROWLER!")

Gamer Testimonial

A teenager with a headset on (Anthony) says, "I use 15 Hour Energy to level up my night elf." He then turns around and watches his avatar on the computer as it dances in a bikini. He says, "Just look at her butt, it's so hot. Oh, just look at the pixel shading on her crack..." ("15 HOURS OF SEXY TIME!")

Stephen Hawking Testimonial


His intel computer says, "It used to take me four hours to type a single sentence. But thanks to 15 Hour Energy..." He then get up out of the wheelchair and knocks it down, and says to the camera, "I don't need that s*** anymore," in his computer's voice. ("15 HOURS OF ROBOT-RAGE!")


It then goes back to Jim, after 13 hours have elapsed. His keyboard is stained with blood, and he's still typing as fast as before. The announcer tells him that it's been 13 hours since he took 15 hour energy, and asks him how he feels. He answers, "Must keep working must never stop working must always work I love to work!" His boss walks in and tells him he can go home, but the he responds, "NOT RIGHT NOW CHIEF, I'M IN THE FRICKING ZONE!" He then continues typing on his blood-stained keyboard.

The announcer says that, while other energy drinks have 4 whole calories, 15 Hour Energy only has 2, so you won't become fat. Adrian is seen lifting weights and Tony is handed a rock from Stephen Hawking, but fails to hold it and falls. Stephen calls him a pussy in his computer voice.

It then goes back to Jim a final time, and the full 15 hours have passed. The announcer asks him, "How do you feel?" but the business man is unconscious, head on his keyboard, with foam coming out of his mouth, his hands and keyboard covered in blood, and papers sprawled out over his desk. The hand that previously forced him to drink 15 Hour Energy pops up again and pours a whole bottle all over his face.


Not an actual scientist, but just some homeless guy who fed on food scraps.

It cuts to a science lab, where a scientist is pouring different colored chemicals into one flask. The announcer says, "15 Hour Energy was developed through years of scientific research," and describes it with these three things:
  • All Natural
  • Contains 50,000% of Your Daily Dose of Vitamin B6
  • Benzoylmethylecgonine Cocaine

A homeless man then is seen drinking 15 Hour Energy, saying, "Oh yeah, that's the stuff."

The last scene of the video is of a bottle of 15 Hour energy spinning on a turn table, with the following words around it:




15 HOUR ENERGY!/Script


15 HOUR ENERGY!/Gallery


  • In real life, 6 Hour Energy is called 6 Hour Power, although there is a 5 Hour Energy.
    • Three bottles of 5 Hour Energy would make a 15-Hour Energy, although 15-Hour Energy cuts the calories in half, so one doesn't become a fat f**k.
  • This is the first fake commercial video that doesn't have an "Order Information" scene, with the bottom paragraph written by a celebrity but having no relation to the product.
  • Adrian is seen again since his last appearance in MAKEUP FOR MEN, even though he was killed off in his first appearance, MEETING MY IDENTICAL TWIN!
  • In Ian's office, you can see a photo of Sean Connery, who was also used as the father of Billy and Anthony from the PARENTS SUCK! lyric: "No more mommy, no more dad!"
    • The calendar in Jim's office is dated "April 2009."
    • The Associate of the Year certificate belongs to "Patrick Egan," which is a person in Smosh's crew. He plays the scientist in this video
  • In the scene where the scientist is creating 15 Hour Energy with chemicals, this message is at the bottom of the screen: NOT AN ACTUAL SCIENTIST. JUST SOME HOMELESS GUY WE FED FOOD SCRAPS.
  • The boulder that Stephen Hawking throws on Tony Bone is the same boulder that crushed lan's arm in I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!. The boulder was also seen in PARANORMAL EASY BAKE OVEN! and Food Battle 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT!
  • The stamp that Jim uses says, "REJECTED, BITCH!"
  • Jim was typing a code while he was typing the whole 13 hours, and before 15 hours was up, his monitor shows a screensaver.

Subscription Ending

Thanks for Oh, I need more caffeine.

Shut Up! Opening

Please help... I need caffeine... uhhh... SHUT UP!



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