In the edit room

Ian: Hey guys, thank you so much for subscribing.

Anthony: Yeah, there's over ten million of you now, which is crazy. When we first started, we had no idea any of this would happen.

Ian: So, we just wanted to say thanks.

Anthony: And we love you guys.

Cree: Wait, wait. What about that promise that you made?

Ian: Wha-What?

Anthony: What are you talking about? 

Cree: Yeah, I phoned you guys a couple years back talking about your subscriber number. Hey look.

On the couch on December 2010

(Cree Pywood Guy records while hiding in the bush)

Ian: Here look. Did you see that we hit two million subscribers?

Anthony: Sweet! (high-fives Ian) Nice!

Ian: Yeah, dude, imagine if we got like ten million subscribers.

Anthony: That'll never happen.

Ian: I know, but imagine if it did.

Anthony: You know what? If we got ten million subscribers, I would whip out my *bleep*, do the helicopter, and take a video of it and upload it to YouTube. 

Ian: Ok, you know what. If we did get 10 million I would do it to. But, that's never gonna happen.

Back in the present

Anthony: Well, I guess they did get us to 10 million subscribers and a promise is a promise.

Ian: Okay.

Anthony: Alright.

(They both unzip their pants and do the helicopter)

Ian: Ahhh!

Anthony: But really though, thank you guys so much for subscribing. 10 million, 10 million of you, that's crazy. 

Ian: And we're sorry we didn't get to show you our d**ks. Maybe, maybe when we hit 50 million.

Anthony: Yeah, yeah, 50 million. Sounds good. Yeah.

Cree: See you boys why at 50 million then. (walks away)

Anthony: Let's, let's make it a hundred million.

Ian: Okay, 100 million.

Anthony: Yeah.

Ian: Sounds good.

Anthony: Yeah.

Cree: See you at a hundred million.

Ian: Jesus ******* Christ!

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