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January 21, 2011 (Smosh)
December 12, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Russian Mafia, Reginald Peabody

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*NEW* Smosh Reality TV Show! is a Smosh video uploaded on January 21, 2011.

Brief Synopsis: Ian and Anthony debut their new reality TV show, "Our Smoshy Life!"



Anthony and Ian announce that they are going to show us part of the first episode of their new reality TV show, "Our Smoshy Life!"

Ian: We're Ian and Anthony, two normal guys with an extrordinary life making videos on the internet.
Anthony: People have always wanted to know what our life is really like. Well, this is our story.
Ian: This is...
Both: Our Smoshy Life!

Part 1

Ian is sitting in front of the camera, with a bored look in his face. He says, "Today, we're editing a video." In the editing room, Ian tells Anthony to move a clip a couple frames, in which Anthony complies. Ian later comments that "editing is hard." Later, they're trying to decide a font to use on the phrase "PORKCHOP SANDWICHES." Ian decides on Times New Roman, but Anthony suggests Helvetica. Anthony does this, in which Ian comments, "That's a good font."

Commercial 1: Herpes Commercial

Ian: Our Smoshy Life will be back after these commercials:
Spokesperson: For most women, herpes is an-
Anthony: We now return to our Smoshy Life!

Part 2

Anthony says that they're now going to get lunch. At a drive thru, Anthony orders 42 tacos. They're later seen at home eating those tacos. Ian says that he likes tacos, but Anthony says that pizza is better, in which Ian agrees.

Commercial 2: eHarmony

Ian: Our Smoshy Life will be back after these commercials:
Evil Clown: Would you f*** me?
Anthony: We now return to our Smoshy Life!

Part 3

Ian says that the day is almost over, so they decide to check on their meth lab. Ian and Anthony enter their meth lab, where two hot girls and a guy are working on the meth, while a wild boy in a cage starts licking Ian's hand, in which Anthony responds by spraying him with a bottle. Ian yells at the workers to speed up production while Anthony threatens that he's going to cut off the limbs of one of the workers if he can't afford his diamond grills by next week.

Ian and Anthony hear the Russian mafia break in and the workers run off screaming. Ian and Anthony try to defend their meth as they shoot the Russians, but Anthony notices that the meth is now on fire. Anthony tells Ian that they have to get out of there, but Ian refuses, shouting, "MUST KILL!" Anthony leaves Ian on his own and closes the door. As the entire garage catches on fire, Ian drops the gun and tries to open the door, but his hands are too greasy, and he is unable to escape the explosion.

An unharmed Anthony and Ian, whose chest is wrapped in bandages and messy hair, are now sitting in the living room, where Anthony says that today was "pretty boring as usual." Ian coughs up blood and wipes it on his chest before he and Anthony stare at each other for six seconds. Ian's face becomes covered with blood and he looks dead, scaring Anthony, before he opens his eyes and says, "Hello."

Part 4 (Extras)

(Starts off like the last two parts)

Ian says that today he and Anthony are making a video. They are setting up the lights which Ian says that it takes a while to do so. Anthony says that he likes being the camera guy. While making the video, Ian yells out, "BITCH!" Anthony thought that it was good, but Ian thinks he could do better. Anthony does replays the camera and Ian yells out "BITCH!" again but faster. Ian thought that one was great. Ian said that his favorite part is to put the video on the World Wide Web. In the editing room, they want to make a good thumbnail for the video. Ian suggested that a picture of him while wearing a bra on will get lots of views. Anthony doesn't think Ian is going to wear a bra in the video. After just seconds of a face off against of the guys, Ian exclaims, "BITCH!"


Ian: Our Smoshy Life- Has been cancelled!

"In loving memory of Reginal Peabody, 1969-2011"


  • If you listen closely, some of the random phrases the Russian Mafia says are, "I stop you with my pee-pee!" "I have an erection and it won't go down!" and "I like boobies!"
  • The Russian Mafia talks in russian language similar to the game "Call of Duty Black Ops"
  • The video that they're editing was Runbrella, a future 2011 video. Being edited as depicted here
  • During Ian's first scene, the TV rating was TV-Y7 (Obviously meaning for kids over the age of 7.)
  • The clown is a reference to Ghostface from Scream(with the slightly similar outfit and knife).
  • Barbershop Pole is seen in most of the meth labs scene, since it was filmed in the garage.
  • This is the first apperance of Boxman, or the box used as him, since Boxman 2.0 in summer 2010.
  • The camera that Ian and Anthony are using is reminescent to the Sony EX-1 Camera
  • Obviously, it is very illegal to cook meth in your house.
  • Anthony orders 42 tacos, it is an obvious reference to Lunchtime with Smosh.
  • The thumbnail on YouTube is different from the thumbnail on the smosh channel.
    • The one on the channel has Anthony with Ian.
    • The one on YouTube has Anthony with a girl wearing an oxygen mask.
  • This is the second El Smosh uses Smosh's thumbnail instead of Youtube's thumbnail, the first was PHOTOSHOP PLASTIC SURGERY.
  • This is the final classic video on El Smosh.

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Shut Up! Opening

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