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My Fanny Pack


September 24, 2010

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Anthony, other people in the band, other people, Charlie

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My Fanny Pack! is a Smosh video uploaded on September 24, 2010.

Brief Synopsis: A music video about how amazing Fanny Packs are.


Walking down the street and everybody's staring
Just jealous of what I'm wearing
That's right, it's a fanny pack, bitches!
Hot pink and matches my britches!

You're thinking that guy's insane
Damn, what's his name, what's wrong with his brain
I'm perfectly sane, just hear what I say
Everything I need's just one zip away (C'mon!)

My fanny pack, my fanny pack is all I need
It's on my waist while I shower and while I pee
It holds my hairspray so I look good every day
It holds me tight and keeps the boogeyman away

You can't mess with my fanny pack
I'm a maniac
It's a fact you better watch your ____
Packs more than a backpack
One time I looked inside and I found an iMac!

Only tough guys wear fanny packs
Hulk Hogan, Chuck Norris, and...this...guy
Diss me and you better watch your back
I'll smack you with my 20-pound fanny pack! (Hi-yah!)

I've been attacked by a wild beast
I think it was a furry hippopotamus from Greece
I needed a weapon for the fight
'What I pulled out was a stick of dynamite!

Makes great gifts for the holidays
It's my d*** in a bag, baby
If you talk smack, I'll put you in my sack
What's this?! It's a midget in my fanny pack!

Deleted Clip

In the part that says, "It's on my waist when I shower and pee.", Anthony is seen peeing in the bathroom and giving the viewers a smirk.


  • The line "It's my d*** in a bag, baby" is a reference to the wildly popular "D*** in a Box" sketch from Saturday Night Live, performed by The Lonely Island, which also made an appearance in HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!
  • The "furry hippopotamus from Greece" is played by Charlie.
  • The song and its video has many referrences to Limp Bizkit's second album, Significant Other: In the Shut Up Introduction, the voice (Ian) is singing a part of Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff imitating Fred Durst's voice style; The song's intro is a referrence to another Limp Bizkit song, Nookie. An also, sometimes in the song, Anthony imitates Fred Durst's vocal and scream style.

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"Thanks for subscribing! Who wants hot dogs?"

Shut Up! Opening

"*Yeah! It's All About He Said She Said Bull* SHUT UP!"


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